Meet Julian Jones

By: David Menendez
OwlFeed Journalist

Meet Julian Jones, a person who has many interests, like playing video games, making music at home and playing chess all of which are for great reasons. He also has a great plan for what he wants to do after he is done with high school.

He is a intelligent 17 year old and is a senior at Agua fria high school. He is a very smart person who will grow up to do big things in the world that people will never forget in this class. He wants to go to George Washington university but if he can’t be accepted he wants to go to University of Arizona. When he grows up he wants to be in the CIA. He said, “I want to find a world without violence.”

Julian was born in Northern California but now lives in Arizona. His favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally and The notebook. He likes these movies because he wants to be able to have relationships like this in real life and have a family like one of these in his life when he grows up.

His favorite video games franchise is Call of duty, his favorite out of the franchise is Black Ops 3. He said that he knows that this game isn’t everyone’s favorite because there was a lot of bad things that was wrong but he thought it was really fun to play.

When I asked Julian what his favorite sport was he responded with an interesting answer. He said it was interesting how players could handle the ball and how basketball players are role models for kids and having people like LeBron James who built a school for less fortunate kids.   Julian is also in chess club after school, he plays so it can make him a better strategizer in life.

When asked about his senior year and how it is going so far he said that it is going alright but did admit that in the past, he wasn’t the most focused in high school. Currently he now has great mentors who help him out with things. He hopes he can get the most out of his senior year before it ends and make it the best it can be.This may sound like Julian has regret from his high school years but that is absolutely false. He learned from them and now is making the best possible choices he can make before his high school journey is over and be even better when he gets into college.