Meet Keeana Fikes

By Santos Garcia
OwlFeed Journalist

Among a parliament of Owls in the nest, one stands out from the rest. That Owl’s name is Keeana Fikes, a 15 year old sophomore with the duty of both opinion reporter and short story writer. With fiery passion, her flames of love for art and energetic nature make her glow in the crowd of journalists.

Her positive attitude and sassy style makes her become the life of the party wherever she goes. Some of her most admirable traits are her willingness to be open about her opinion and her personality and ability to make you laugh or smile no matter what your mood is.

Growing up in Ohio, Keeana was always on the move. Although surrounded by family, she could never remain at the same school for very long and found her situation very hard for herself. In fifteen years, she moved from the green, cool Ohio to the sandy, blazing desert of Arizona.

Growing up as an avid reader, Keeana quickly realized her heart belonged to all that is literature and art. She would read poetry and fanfiction in her free time, digesting each and every one that she had. She knew that with every story there was a creative author who had their own story to tell and with every picture was worth a thousand words and this pleased her. 

Some of her favorite writers that she would (and still does) read were Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, and R.L. Stine. Eventually, she began to be overwhelmed with these influences and sought out to make her own inventive projects. She wrote rhythmic rhymes, stellar stories, picture perfect pieces, anything that suited her fancy.

However, her hobbies primarily were to her own satisfaction and enjoyment. After her move to Arizona and enrolling in Agua Fria, she was introduced to the perfect class, one in which she could express her love for writing and be rewarded for it: Journalism. Journalism became a mystical guide for her into her future career and a way to improve her skills as an author.

When being assigned to our duties in the class, Keeana fell under the opinion beat reporter and she took upon this opportunity to voluntarily ask for an additional job of writing short stories for the Owlfeed Newsletters. With these two jobs, she aimed to both better herself and become the best she can be in the writing processes as well as inspire and share her gifts with her fellow Owls on the campus.