Meet Miranda Cavada

By Elijah M. Carson
OwlFeed Journalist

Introducing once again into another year of Journalism, Miranda Cavada, a ready and excited senior here at Agua Fria, she is an opinion reporter who is ready to share her “opinions” with the world.

As Miranda is experiencing her final year, she remembers her first year and how she was once nervous and scared coming here at Agua Fria. She was trying to meet new people and discover the world of Agua Fria and ultimately decided just to stay out of it. Once she finally got over being afraid of Agua Fria,  she accepted that it is a regular thing in life that she has to do.

Miranda hails from Phoenix, but moved here to Avondale and has attended Agua Fria since freshman year. She appreciates her Hispanic heritage and also identifies as Agnostic and queer.

She enjoys History and philosophy, as she loves to learn about new things like science, which gives her an interest that she may want to continue on when she is older. She enjoys all this stuff because now that she is a reporter for the opinion section, she can be the absolute person to help all of those eager to learn about new things.

Miranda was selected in the Journalism class this year and soon became part of Journalism because of her love of writing with her short stories. She also likes to inform people about stories and her point of view on controversies around the world, in many ways. She hopes to go on to a good college like ASU or something better and get a Bachelor’s Degree, though she is still deciding to figure out what she would like to go for; she hopes and knows that she will figure out something soon.

When she was younger, Miranda once had an accident. She had fallen off the back of her father’s truck and smashed her skull. After 2 weeks in the hospital, and some time afterward for more recovery, Miranda now feels like she has grown from this and feels stronger than before.

When she isn’t working, Miranda likes to listen to music specifically rock music and plays guitar. She has 2 older siblings and also her cat, Billy, and her dog, Vanilla, who she absolutely loves and cares for. Now that Miranda is back in action at school, she ready to learn and make her final year the best she can.