Meet Naomi Metoyer

By: Sarah Niezgodzki
OwlFeed Journalist

Naomi Metoyer, the aspiring author, is a senior at Agua Fria High School this year. The teenager says she admires herself the most in her life (I don’t blame her) but she also has a special place in her heart for the man himself, Mr. Barack Obama.

The 17 year old is already getting the ball rolling with starting an internship at the West Valley View. When talking about the internship she mentioned that she “always wanted to do fiction” but felt that Journalism was a good place to start.

Naomi is the Editor-in-Chief for our journalism program. This being her second year in the class, she is excited to grow with the program and make it even better than last year. To be Editor-in-Chief she has a lot on her plate, like organizing deadlines and making the finalizing edits on stories that will be posted, but that doesn’t stop her from engaging in other hobbies.

These hobbies mostly include sleeping as much as she can, since high school priorities usually take up most of her time. When she is not sleeping, Naomi says that she participates in roller derby and she previously played basketball as well.

Not only does she have a lot going on at school, like taking multiple AP courses, she also is pretty close to her family being one of seven kids. She even mentioned that her mother having twins was one of the most significant moments in her life. Another significant moment in her life though, was when she read her first book, saying that it was like a “gateway book” which led her to have a massive love for reading.

But that’s not the only thing that led to her dream of becoming a famous author–when she was younger she had her heart set on being a singer. Naomi mentioned, though, that the thing that interested her most about that career, was the songwriting aspect of it, always wanting to be writing something new. She joked that she was never good at the singing part anyway, but I doubt is was too bad, because Naomi did say that she had the ability to burp the ABC’s when she was younger which has to be good for something!

She used to jam out to T Swift, but now her music taste has definitely changed, listening to RnB, hip hop, and rap. She says her favorite would have to be the Weeknd, although she thinks Starboy really wasn’t the best.

Speaking of her early years, Naomi has always lived in Avondale, attending Garden Lakes Elementary School when she was younger. Though she did get some sort of change, as she also went to Legacy Traditional before her time here at Agua Fria. This being her last year at Agua Fria High School, she hopes to get even more involved, saying that she would like to join Be A Leader club and also wants to form her own Creative Writing club. If anyone has any interest in joining, don’t be afraid to talk to her about it!