Meet Natalie Tafoya

By: David Segal
OwlFeed Journalist

Natalie Tafoya is a Junior at Agua Fria and is a sports reporter for Owlfeed this year. In Avondale, she attended Wigwam Creek Middle School from sixth to eighth grade.  She maintains a very busy schedule outside of school, balancing her time between hanging out with her friends at Dutch Bros, going to the movies, and also working at Barro’s Pizza as a server.

(Fun fact: her favorite movies are Rock of Ages and Southpaw)

She is also a member of the varsity cheer team here and enjoys it, saying that she ¨feels like she grew up with the other girls.¨ When asked about what makes cheer different from other sports, she answered that it has a completely different environment than other sports she has played such as softball and volleyball. Cheer she explained, is ¨more mental and about how you perform,¨ adding that your attitude matters while you are performing and in sports like volleyball and softball it is more about scoring and winning.

Natalie is the second oldest of four children. She has an older sister who is 19, a younger sister who is 10, and a younger brother who is 7. Family is very important to her, saying that her stepdad coming into her life is one of the most significant moments in her life.

When asked about why she wanted to join journalism, Natalie said she wanted to write about herself and her experiences. After High School, Natalie plans on going to ASU, saying that she ¨does not want to go out of state.¨ While at ASU, she plans on pursuing a degree in psychology because she has experienced struggles in her life and wants to give help to others that are going through the same she was.