Meet Raeann Orona

By: Angelina Cordova
Owlfeed Journalist

Raeann Orona is a senior at Agua Fria high school, this is her first year taking journalism and she’s excited to be one of the lifestyle reporters. The lifestyle reporter was her first choice and she can’t wait to write about her interests in this section.  Even though journalism wasn’t what she was hoping for as her elective, she is glad that she took it because she enjoys writing and she uses it as a way to express herself.

From talking to her I can tell that she is very family oriented, she has a strong relationship with her mom and her little sister. Her mom, Angela, is her biggest role model. She described her as Loving, Kind and Strong, her mom is one of the most important people in her life.

Her favorite and most cherishable memory was when her little sister, Milena, was born. Even though Milena is only one years old, she is incredibly smart for her age. Raeann says her humor and her smile is what she loves the most about her sister.

After high school Raeann plans to go to community college to save money, she wants become an ultrasound technician. The community college she would like to attend is still undecided but she knows college is definitely the way she wants to go.

Raeann was born and raised in Arizona but she really wants to travel. If she could she would want to live in New York, she loves the idea of living in a big city and the sights over there are amazing. One specific thing she would like to do in New York is watch the ball drop on New Years. Hawaii is another place that she would really enjoy visiting.

She has a lot of hobbies but her favorite thing to do is listen to music. It helps her when she’s emotional, she can always turn to music when she’s upset about something. Some of her favorite artists are Trippie Redd, Drake and Keyshia Cole.

Something not a lot of people know about Raeann is that she loves to dance. Besides that, she loves to try new things. Raeann is kind, passionate and forgiving person. She constantly tries to be the best person she can be and I find that to be a very admirable quality in a person. I am so glad I got to know Raeann more, she truly is a great person.