Meet Santos Garcia

By: Keeana Fikes
OwlFeed Journalist

Santos Garcia, the good kid, except when it comes to his education and he will break rules to get it. Santos Garcia means the saint of bears. Santos already has many pets and maybe one day he’ll get a bear.

Santos Garcia is a 17 year old senior a Agua Fria. He’ll be 18 on December 23rd. Be sure to wish him a happy birthday. This year he is taking Journalism! He got himself a spot as a reporter for the news section, as he likes to be informed and know what’s going on in the world around him. Santos likes to do almost everything, from skateboarding, to playing his guitar, he also enjoys listening to music and playing video games too.  Some of his favorite things to watch are scary movies, anime, and cartoons. He also like to play with his 5 pets (three dogs, a pig, and a parrot.)

Santos is very serious about his education. During the Red for Ed teacher walkouts, his mother made a mistake thinking that school that day was optional. Santos knew it wasn’t and took matters into his own hands. He left his home at 4 in the morning to take a bus all the way to school! He and his parents then realized that if it was the rules or his education, he was breaking the rules.

Santos definitely has a busy home. He has his parents, five half brothers, and five pets at home. He is the oldest of Gabriel, 13, Joseph, 10, Kalani, 10, Aiden, 11, and Rocco, 1. He and his brothers are like most siblings, they get along and occasionally tease each other from time to time. His pet pig is named Mia and his pet parrot, Fred. He has a girl and boy german shepherd Maxine and Ace, and a boy pitbull named Sonny.

Santos used to be quite active. He ran cross country and played volleyball. Santos is a senior this year, so he really wants to focus on his education no time for sports. He does have a chess interest however. He likes to play and is considering joining the chess club here at AFHS.

Santos’s schedule this year has been pretty straight forward so far. He gets up, gets ready for school, then eats and heads out the door. After school, he goes home and does his chores, then he does his homework, eats dinner, and then finally, he goes to bed. Then he repeats it the next day.

Santos is fun to be around, and extremely funny. So if you happen to see him, stop and say hi, and talk about chess, or another one of his interests.