A Column Just For You: #1. Jobs, Lonliness, and Forgiveness

By: Raeann Orona
OwlFeed Journalist

Having issues? Having a problem you need to get off your chest? There is now a column at this school to help. My name is Raeann Orona and I’d love for everyone to feel their most comfortable while sending in their issues.

My goal is to be that shoulder to lean on, helping you figure out what’s best for you and the situation you are in. I have gone through three years of high school with so many questions about what I should I do and what was worth dealing with. Now I want to be that helpful hand.


Every tip or question will be anonymous — I want to make that very clear. Throughout the week anyone can send comments or questions and I will write back giving you tips and feedback to help. Send your anonymous questions through this form.

Here are three questions we received from our readers for our first edition.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Q: How do I balance school with a job?

A: Well, I’ve been doing that as well for almost two years. It was very hard at first but I learned how to manage my homework after school and then go to work. I would do homework up until the last 30 minutes before I needed to leave and then got ready and left and then after work just finish up what needed to be done.

Q: I sometimes feel lonely

A: It’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. I do as well. Maybe pick up some hobbies, go on walks, do something that interests you. Just enjoy yourself. Make the most of the life you are living, and the good will creep in. You can make your world full by trying to live it the most you can at one time, and all else will follow.

Q: Do you think there are some things you can’t forgive? My aunt once told me that forgiveness shouldn’t be for the person you are forgiving, but for yourself. However, forgiveness isn’t that easy, even if I am trying to do it for myself.

A: Forgiveness is a very important thing to do for yourself. Not for the person you are forgiving. Forgiveness gives you peace in your heart. Forgiveness is for the greater good in yourself. Always forgive, but never forget. Although not everything is forgivable, at the end of the day remember forgiveness is for yourself.

It is up to you whether or not you chose to forgive, but it should be for the right reasons. If you are forgiving because you think they deserve it, you’re not forgiving them, you’re giving into them. Forgive when you feel your heart has healed enough.

High school had taught me so much such as relationships, friendships, and also how important my education is.This column is for YOU ALL. This column will always be here for support and for you to never feel alone. With that being said be the first one to get advice on something you’re dealing with.

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