Meet Sarah Niezgodski

By: Naomi Metoyer
OwlFeed Journalist

Among the vast ranks of the Agua Fria community, there lies a sour gummy worm and the Office enthusiast, our very own Sarah Niezgodzki.

At the age of 17, Sarah’s senior year has started amiably–as Chief Fundraiser of our beloved OwlFeed team. “I’ve always kind of been interested in writing,” Niezgodzki admitted, concerning her initial draw to Journalism class. “I think it’s exciting,” she said of the prospect. With this new position added for the 2018-2019 school year, Sarah will become the model for her successors.

Besides Journalism, Niezgodzki has been an active member in student council, having been both Sophomore Class President as well as Junior Class President, and now Student Body President, for the class of 2019. “It’s kind of stressful sometimes,” she said of the position, where she is expected to supervise and manage a lot of responsibility. “But it’s rewarding.”

The Agua Fria senior is nothing if not ambitious, however, as she was also the captain of the swim team last school year and is nudging toward the title again for her final season. Despite her devotion to swim and a history of playing softball, Sarah views herself as both artsy and athletic, having a wide range of interests. “I love swimming and being active,” Niezgodzki said, in the same moment sharing her interest in all things related to film and editing.

Niezgodzki actually took her first TV and Broadcast course last year, which was the initial catalyst for her love of film and, ultimately, her dream career. An avid underwater documentary watcher, Sarah discovered a job title she had no idea existed, one created, possibly, just for her. She now aspires to be an underwater cinematographer. Her combined interest in photography and sharks (she’s brave, I’ll give her that) makes this a goal she is none too willing to give up.

On route to that goal, Sarah plans to go to college out of state, preferably the Pratt Institute in New York City. While there, this go-getter hopes to study abroad. Even after school she’d love to travel, having been on the Travel Club trips previous years. “Seeing different cultures… and how other countries live.. [is] really weird,” because of “how different it is, but really cool,” Niezgodzki said.

Beyond all that she is juggling, Sarah is a lover of many of the normal things other teens enjoy. For one, she has a varied music taste, sometimes opting for a whole week consisting solely of One Direction, sometimes throwing a few “throwback emo bops” in for taste. For another, she is a devoted fan of Marvel movies, but Captain America holds a special place in her heart. Once, she even had the pleasure of meeting Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, and has thus decided that, at the ripe age of 17, she has peaked and achieved enlightenment.