Meet Ulysses Altamirano

By Diana Carolina Vazquez
OwlFeed Journalist

Meet  Ulysses Altamirano, OwlFeed News reporter, born February 5th, 2001, in Glendale, AZ, graduate of class 2019, and lover of the color purple.

He chose journalism because he’s always wanted to be a journalist and talk about the meaning of life in his perspective. It’s also a way he can express himself, so he thinks it’s a good opportunity to take it, but besides wanting to be a journalist, he’d like to become a Medical Examiner.

Ulysses has a total of 5 siblings, none of which come from the same father, so he considers himself an only child. He’s the youngest in his family so he gets spoiled more than the others do.

To add, he enjoys helping others. He’s a counselor, and he says he wants to work for a suicide hotline, or any type of line that helps people with their issues. In fact, mental help is one of the things he can talk about for awhile without running out of things to say about it.

A celebrity he looks up to is Emma Watson. Why? Because he’s not only a lover of the movies/books of Harry Potter, but also because she uses her fame for something meaningful. She gets political and when someone has something rude to say about women she shuts it down real quick. She’s not like most of these Hollywood stars that do nothing for anyone, besides themselves.

If he could travel anywhere for a year and write a book about his experience when he gets back, he’d like to travel to the Amazon in Brazil. He says it’s the most isolated place in the world and although it is dangerous because you can get certain diseases and encounter dangerous animals, it is a beautiful sight and it’s completely worth it. He mentioned that he might not even survive the whole year, but he would still like to experience being in The Amazon.

This young man is involved in Avondale youth advisory commision and he volunteers a lot with the city. He is in the energy, environment, and natural resources commision as well. He went to a conference just yesterday about civic engagement.

Our dearest Ulysses is just like his father, Enrique. He relates to him more than his mother. His father is supportive of him and his decisions. As well as understanding of things such as educational purposes, like how difficult school may get. He’s a very curious man that enjoys learning, just like his son.