Meet Jacquelyn “Quin” Montoya

By: Kyla Heller
Owlfeed Journalist

Jacquelyn, also known as Quin, is currently a junior at Agua Fria High School and is taking journalism for her first year to gain more experience in writing to strengthen her writing skills to use in her future endeavors.

quin“I’ve always had a love for writing ever since I was younger and it helps me express myself as a person,” Quin said.

Her favorite thing to write is poetry because she is fond of the way that things can be interpreted in many different ways, the meaning is never implied and there are endless feelings attached to it.

In the Owlfeed classroom she can be relied on as lifestyle writer. She enjoys being in a leadership position and she believes that a higher position is better for her learning experience and her overall goals as a person. She plans on either going to ASU after graduation to study journalism, or studying abroad, this class is another stepping stone to help her get to where she wants to be after high school.

Inside of school she was on the cheer team her freshman year and would go back to it if she got the opportunity again. Her favorite subject in school is English because she feels she has a lot of potential as a writer and is very confident in her skills, besides the fact that she feels she is not the best in mathematics she does give all of her effort to her schooling.

Outside of school, Quin likes to spend time with her friends doing various activities that allow them to grow closer. She has one cat named Luna that needed assistance on what her name would be. “My two best friends named her,” Quin said. “I named her Mars at first but it didn’t fit her so we change it to Luna.”

She also also likes to hangout on Twitter because she sees Twitter as social media platform that is all inclusive and fun to read. Her favorite artist is Jhene Aiko, an alternative R&B singer. She was introduced to Aiko’s music through her brother and it was an instant love for her style of music.

In her life, she has felt that she had the greatest influence from her mom. The most important lesson she was taught was that she is the only person that she needs. Quin feels that because of this she knows she can rely on herself because at the end of the day, she has herself that she knows will be there no matter what.

Overall, Quin is a very self-reliant person and likes to be in a place of leadership where she knows her skills and knowledge can thrive. She has big plans for after high school and she knows she can rely on herself to get there.