Meet OwlFeed 2018-2019

Meet OwlFeed 2018-2019

By: OwlFeed Editorial Staff

We are so excited to bring you all the news you need this school year at Agua Fria High School.

Want to meet our new team? Click on any story below to take you to a brief introduction to our OwlFeed writers for the 2018-2019 school year.

Meet Alex Mascia, By: Jeslyn Larez

Meet Angel Franco, By: Jesus De La Rosa

Meet Angela Macias, By: Zianney Arellano

Meet Angelina Cordova, By: Raeann Orona

Meet Bryan Cornelio, By: Emma Parry

Meet Carlos Johnson, By: Jaeden Andrade

Meet Cora Kellenberger, By: Kaylie Langtry

Meet David Menendez, By: Julian Jones

Meet David Segal, By: Natalie Tafoya

Meet Elijah Carson, By: Miranda Cavada

Meet Emma Parry, By: Bryan Cornelio

Meet Jaeden Andrade, By: Carlos Johnson

Meet Jeslyn Larez, By: Alex Mascia

Meet Jesus De La Rosa, By: Angel Franco

Meet Julian Jones, By: David Menendez

Meet Keena Fikes, By: Santos Garcia

Meet Miranda Cavada, By: Elijah M. Carson

Meet Natalie Tafoya, By: David Segal

Meet Naomi Metoyer, By: Sarah Neizgodski

Meet Raenn Orona, By: Angelina Cordova

Meet Santos Garcia, By: Keeana Fikes

Meet Sarah Niezgodski, By: Naomi Metoyer

Meet Ulysses Altamirano, By: Diana Carolina Vazquez

Meet Zianney Arellano, By: Angela Macias

Meet Diana Carolina Vasquez Gonzalez, By: Ulysses Altamirano

Meet Hayley Baker, By: Amanda Moreno

Meet Jacquelyn Montoya, By: Kyla Heller

Meet Amanda Moreno, By: Hayley Baker

Meet Matthew Willarch, By: Lauren Mitchell

Meet Lauren Mitchell, By: Matthew Willarch

Meet Kyla Heller, By: Jacquelyn Montoya