How to stop procrastinating

By: Diana Vazquez Gonzalez
OwlFeed Journalist

Ever get too lazy to do your work and end up far more behind then from where you started? Need some tips and motivation to get your work done in time?

ProcrastinationProcrastination is when you have something assigned to you and you wait for the last minute to get it done so later on you have so little time and don’t put in much effort to your work.

Now that you know what it is I’m sure a lot of students can relate to this and would like to find a way to remain on top of all the work assigned to them with a due date.

Here’s a list of ways of how students with straight A’s manage their grades and stop their procrastination.  

  • Cora K- “Shut off phone/set airplane mode, and set an alarm for the amount of time i will take to study or do homework.” So she’s basically saying that our electronics is what takes up most of our work time because sometimes we keep texting people back so we need to get it out of the way.
  • Fidel- “Go to tutoring and do your work in your class and don’t leave until most of it is done.” He’s saying to go to the class you have that work assigned in and ask for help and get it done while you have extra time after school.
  • Angel- “Focus on the main goal and why you started and where you’ll end up.” If you complete what you need to do, you’ll end up feeling more accomplished, and your positive grade will make you proud.
  • Pedro- “ Don’t make plans with anyone when you know you have homework, finish your work first before you try to have fun.” Everyone knows what it’s like to wanna go out with friends instead of worrying about work, but you’ll end up stressed afterwards when you get back late and have to stay up to do your work. That’ll not only leave you tired the next day, but your work will be sloppy. Do it so you have no worries while you’re out.
  • Miguel- “Set up a prize. Like get candy and every time you answer a problem, reward yourself a piece until you finish it. “ Everyone loves food so therefore he gets motivated  by treating himself to his favorite chips/candy/food.

My personal preference is pretend like your parent is next to you watching you do your work. Think of them and your future. Of the outlook. Of your result.

School work may be very stressful, but you’ll have a much better and brighter life. After high school we’re on our own and we rely on our grades and all the work we did to help us get further in life.

Simply by turning in homework, studying for a test, and taking notes you can get a much better job, and get anything you desire.