Two Poems in Honor of Amanda Moreno


Photo by: Kyla Heller

By: Matthew Willarch
OwlFeed Journalist and Poet

I’d do it again

How could this be, awake inside a flame, this harm this rage it takes my center stage.

It all goes dark but I continue to breathe my eyes they close but I continue to see.

I wouldn’t take back a single night the cold and dark it lets me burn so bright.

I wouldn’t take it back I feel at peace no matter where I am at.

So remember my day it’s easier to see at night, don’t shed a tear it’ll ruin your sight.

So let me live the way you want me to, remember all if you don’t remember who.

A perfect cold I’m safe inside the red, I am not gone I’m just safe inside the bed.

And I’d do it all again, don’t remember my face it’s not who I am just remember my voice if you can.

I’d do it all again if you’d only remember me, I’d do it all again if you would let me.

I need to go but its not me who needs to walk away, just close your eyes and meet me in the day.

In your sleep, I’ll meet you in the room, in your sleep. It’s me you don’t need to assume.

I’d do it again.


Six Feet From My Heart

Six feet from my heart

One million rainbows in the dark, in hopes I don’t feel the same.

You’re leaving me like this,a never ending kiss,though hope will never feel the same.

Forever I surrender under dead and desolate and my hands I start to raise.

A beacon of my day,please don’t go away,and leave me alone to praise.

The apple of my eye an always blue and bright lit sky and never will it start to rain.

A remembrance in my sleep,in my mind your memories creep,and I forget all of the rain.

Six feet from my heart will you stay away forever in a nameless,homeless shelter?

Must you play the part six feet from my heart?

Bless my disease,delusion keeps me company as you begin to drift away.

Tears like oceans swarm,save me from my harm so I too don’t drift away.

Never can it hide,the pain that’s deep inside but I feel hope for a better day.

We walk alone forever,separate we stand together and I see a better day.

Six feet from my heart.