VOTE: What’s the Best Song Trending Right Now?

By: Raeann Orona
OwlFeed Journalist

What are the greatest hits in today’s time? Music charts can change at any moment and anytime. Music charts can change as close to a week. The top hits right now are:

  • Better – Khalid
  • Happier – Bastille, Marshmello
  • I Love It – Kanye West (& Lil Pump)
  • Promises – Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Jessie Reyez
  • Be Alright – Dean Lewis

Ever wonder why they are the most trending songs? Maybe they make you feel alive. Maybe the songs make you feel motivated or even inspired. At the end of the day for whatever reason those songs are hits for a reason.

But you guys are in for a surprise! We now have a link for everyone at Agua Fria High School to vote for their favorite song! We have these options …

¨In my feelings¨ by Drake
¨Girls like you¨ by Maroon 5 ft Cardi B
¨I like it¨ by Cardi B, Bad bunny & J Bads/ //alvin
¨Better now¨ by Post Malone
¨Taste¨ by Tyga ft. Offset

Now everyone go please VOTE!

Brief description of each song:

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¨In my feelings¨ by Drake
-This is a song to listen if you are in a good mood with your friends and just vibing. Enjoying the day and maybe even happen to pull over and do the “Keke challenge”.

¨Girls like you¨ by Maroon 5 ft Cardi B”-
This is a good song to hear at any time of  the day. Maybe when you need something positive to hear.

¨I like it¨ by Cardi B, Bad bunny & J Balvin-
This is a good song to hype you up when you need it. To just enjoy yourself as well.

¨Better now¨ by Post Malone-
It’s a good song to hear when you are just relaxed. In a very calm mood. Just being peaceful.

¨Taste¨ by Tyga ft. Offset –
This would be a great song to hear as you are on your way to a event with your friends. Trying to up lift the mood.