OwlFeed Multimedia Journalist – D’Randa Hooks


Hello, my name D’Randa Hooks and I am a senior attending Agua Fria for my fourth straight year. I am a very proud Owl, which shows through my very deep level of involvement in the school I would call home without hesitation. I have joined many clubs included but not limited to Interact Club, Student Government, Health Occupations Students of America, National Honors Society, College Readiness Education Program, and Future Educators of America which gave me the opportunity to travel and compete in a competition in Washington, D.C., last summer.

School clubs aren’t the only way I represent my school because over the years I have participated in volleyball, cross country, football, soccer and track. I admit that I am a heavy advocate for time spent and never wasted. It seems like I juggle a lot, but if planned correctly I see no problem with doing it all. Oh yeah, and did I mention I work part-time at Baskin Robbins?

Here’s some facts about me outside of school and the clubs I dabble in: my name is  combination of my parents names with an apostrophe in between – their names are Dawn and Rand…..you see it? Anyways I am very outgoing and odd which could be explained by my birth place being Anchorage, Alaska.

However, that fact doesn’t make me weird, just different, which is something I take pride in. I moved to Arizona at age 12 and have been aspiring to go to an out-of-state for college in a cold place ever since. I plan on playing soccer in college and I am clueless as to what I want to study, but I am very excited to experience the wonderful things this world has to offer.

That’s enough about me. Just know if you see me in the hallway don’t hesitate to say ‘Hi’ because in journalism it is my pleasure to keep everyone updated on what all my peers are up to.

D’Randa Hooks #BeAnOwl