30″ Pizza Challenge

By: Angelina Cordova
OwlFeed Journalist

Last month I tried IL Primo Pizza & Wings 30” pizza challenge where I had to finish nearly three feet of pizza in an hour or less. I was allowed to pick one to two other people to join me in this challenge. I chose one, my cousin Michael.

Photo Credit: Sabrina Cordova

In order to prepare for this challenge I tried to not eat as much as I usually would. I had only eaten a breakfast sandwich and drank some water that day. So by the the pizza was ready, at dinner time, I was starving.

People that choose to do this challenge have to follow a few rules. The first rule is only two to three people are allowed to do the challenge. The second is everything on the plate has to be eaten to win the challenge. The final rule is if anyone on your team throws up your team is automatically disqualified.

After we arrived at the restaurant and were seated the waitress came to take our order, I explained to her how I called in advance to take on the Pizza challenge. Her expression changed from content to shocked and a little excited. She said in the two years she has been working here the challenge was only beaten once, by two grown men.

After waiting for quite some time she finally brought out the pizza. It was much bigger than I expected and I was a little intimidated. Once my cousin saw the pizza he said, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day”.

Photo Credit: Sabrina Cordova

The waitress started the timer and we began eating. The pizza was absolutely delicious, I easily got through two pieces which were about the size of my forearm. My cousin was doing pretty good so far too, at least until he got his third slice. He was able to finish half of it and then he gave up. I was so disappointed, I tried to pick up his slack but there was 12 slices in total and but his time I had finished three.

In total we had five and a half slices finished. My family cheered me on as I kept eating. My stomach felt like it was going to explode and I felt the need to throw up but I wouldn’t let myself. I was able to finish two more slices by myself.

Unfortunately the timer went off and we failed with three slices left. I ended up getting so sick that I threw up. And now I can honestly say I never want to eat pizza again.