Life Advice For a Teenager

By: Jacquelyn Montoya
OwlFeed Journalist

Being a teen is the weirdest stage of one’s life. From high school to puberty, a lot of teens have questions about their life. They need guidance and luck. So what’s better than a teen giving another teen life advice?

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I have interviewed some students from Agua Fria High School and received many questions and received a ton advice myself. These questions vary from how to be organized in school to mental health.

Q: What are some ways I can stay organized in high school?

A: Some ways one can stay organized to keep a lot of materials but use them wisely. For example, binders and folders. Label each binder and folder for whichever class you have and then have one side for homework and the other for papers you may be passed back. A junior at Agua Fria, Tyanna Timms, gave me some advice herself, “Get a planner. It made me feel like I had my life somewhat together throughout my 3 years here so far.”

Q: What are some ways I can manage time?

A: Managing time can be very stressful for a teen due to the fact that they may have a lot of responsibilities. The thing to always keep in mind is to prioritize. Make a list of what you need done, and keep what’s important to the front of your list of responsibilities. You can add alarms onto your phone to remind you to get what you need done, done. I have always had the mentality that school comes before anything. For example, homework and anything school related is what I like to spend my time doing before anything because it seems to be the most time consuming. Then, I do everything else on my list. This became an amazing tool for managing my time because it has everything sorted out and organized.

Q: How can I love myself?

A: This question has various answers but the only thing I can really respond with to accept who you are. Be comfortable with your own body. Realize that everyone is different and your differences is what makes you beautiful. I know it’s easier said than done, but just keep a positive mindset even though that is easier said than done too. Self-love also means self-care. Do things that are good for you, that make you happy.