Top 7 Horror Movie Villains

By: Elijah M. Carson
OwlFeed Journalist

These horror movie villains had been terrorizing us for years to. Since the early 1900s, horror movies had shown terrifying villains to stop the protagonist but had also been here to scare our pants off. Since then multiple antagonists had made a name for themselves producing movies of all.

In recent years, pop culture has turned these crazed killers and local urban legends into horror icons, where society has turned them into fashion crave, Hollywood legends, and even mentors. For these, we interview classmates and students on who is the scariest. From wailing ghosts to human psychopaths, here is the list for the Top 7 Horror Movie Villains.

  1. La Llorona

La Llorona A.K.A The Weeping Woman is a famous Mexican folklore legend that originated around five centuries ago. Legend tells of a woman named Maria, who was known for her beauty. One day, a wealthy man came and proposed to her, where they built a house and gave birth to twins.

Soon, Maria knew he was falling out of love and when she saw his mistress, she got angry and drowned her twins in the river. Realizing what she did, she attempted to drown herself as well to be with her children only to fail and become a spirit as she became La Llorona, where she cries for eternity and to steal children so her spirit to pass only to fail.

James Wan, the producer of the Conjuring universe, is coming out with a movie labeled “The Curse of La Llorona,” coming out on April 19. It’s not even a movie yet, but it brings terrible memories and scary nightmares of her.

  1. Chucky the Doll

download (4)This terrifying children’s toy takes a fear of dolls to a whole new level. Serial killer Charles Lee Ray A.K.A Chucky was on the run during his first movie before possessing a Good Guy doll and becoming the infamous Chucky the Doll. Premiering in the movie, Child’s Play, and the frequent killer of its franchise, Chucky is a one-track mind killer, finding a body to possess, whether it be from little boys to wheelchair-bound people, and to even famous actress, Jennifer Tilly, he wants a body and will do anything to get one, even killing someone.

He even had a wife and gender-fluid child both turned into dolls, but that won’t stop him. In his latest movie, he finally possessed someone and with his wife and new child on his side, he plans on taking care of business. There is talk of an eighth movie coming out soon, but with no news available at this time.

  1. Jason Voorhees

This violent hockey mask-wearing villain is an unstoppable force of destruction. First appearing in Friday the 13th, the original villain, his mother Pamela Voorhees, was killing the new camp counselors for revenge of her son’s death, only to be killed, but showing up in the ending with him pulling the main protagonist, Alice, under the lake. His actual first movie becoming the main antagonist, was the sequel, Friday the 13th part 2, and the rest of the franchise to come.

With his supernatural strength and his menacing machete, Jason became a horror movie icon, even after his death in 1984, he came back to life in 1986 as a supernatural being. He featured on multiple movies, t.v. shows, comics, video games, and even music videos whereas he was awarded the 1992 MTV Lifetime Achievement Award.

Even though Jason isn’t the smartest villain, for it seems at the end of every movie he is defeated by his nemesis or final girls, he always is shown to still be alive at the end of it, making enemies of humans, the government and the next villain on this list.

  1. Freddy Krueger

download (2)This burned-alive razor blade glove-wearing villain is essentially a walking nightmare. Played by the infamous Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger or Fred Krueger was featured in his first movie: Nightmare on Elm Street, where he was a child murderer who was passed as innocent on a misdemeanor. The parents of Elm Street weren’t happy and set aflame his house with him inside it. He then became a supernatural dream demon where he controls dreams of the Elm Street kids and murders them within their sleep, where they die in real life.

He a pretty smart villain seemingly always finding a way back after defeat, killing almost all of his enemies and almost their very own actors. Thirty-four years and 8 movies later, one T.V. series, countless cameos of both media, and 1,000 lame but hilarious jokes later and Freddy has become a horror movie icon, making countless people scared to sleep in real life.

3.Bloody Marie

Another urban legend on this list, Bloody Marie was once a queen named Queen Mary I. She was queen for 5 years until her death. She was nicknamed “Bloody Marie” after many people were executed during her reign for her pursuit for the religious restoration of Roman Catholicism and for her many violent miscarriages.

Her name was changed into “Bloody Mary”, a slumber party game where she was a supposed ghost who would “steal your soul”, but many would find out those legends were “true.” The ritual is to say her names 5 times in front of a mirror and then say that you have her baby, where a figure would appear before you where she can either be friendly or be a vengeful spirit and would kill you. She has many movies made where is the main villain even a self-titled movie in the Urban Legends series.

  1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Where most Americans had received their fear of clowns, the clown-like alien of over millions of years old who attacks to the town of Derry, Maine every 30 years. Played by the legendary Tim Curry and written by the ground-breaking Stephen King, Pennywise the Dancing Clown was first introduced in the first IT television mini-series, where it turned out he was actually a female spider. The devilish clown was then dead for 28 years until he was revived for a prequel movie where he was played by Bill Skarsgård and was shown more backstory and was indeed changed to 27 years.

The thing that makes him one of the scariest villains as he feeds off fear from children and has no regret of it, no pun intended, but no he’s terrifying. He even ate a freaking baby!

  1. Michael Myers

download (3)The Grandfather of all horror movie villains, Michael Myers is the horrifying boogeyman in the closet. Michael Myers is one of the scariest villains of all time, even getting over 50 votes when questioned over 100 people, Michael Myers is the horror movie villain of the Halloween series (except for the third movie) as he had gotten his first ever kill when he killed his sister at 7 years old.

His intimidating strength to kill someone with a knife in mid-air, managing to get shot in both eyes but surviving and managing to kill his nemesis final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis twice, but still to get other kills at the same time. Even after 9 movies, he still keeps coming back. His newest movie, Halloween, where it had received a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.2/10 on IMDb and his final girl nemesis is once again battling him again.

Which one of these baddies have you wetting the sheets, and with new villains every year, have a spooky October and hope that you won’t see one of these guys soon? Happy Holloween!