Two Conspiracy Theories Explored: The Bermuda Triangle and Aliens

By: Jeslyn Larez

Number One: the Bermuda Triangle

Going to the ocean is a nice way to spend your vacation. Spending the day on the beach laughing, partying, and having a terrific time seems fun, but maybe the beach isn’t somewhere that’s all fun and games. Some details may scare you, especially since we’ve only discovered 7% of the ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is an area by Florida’s southern tip, to the island of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. A average of 4 planes and 20 boats are believed to vanish in the area every year and was said to leaving no trace behind of to where they went.

Some people think this area is just a spot  where the current hits and bad storms are there that may sink or blow the ships off the map. Others dig deeper and believe other things like maybe it’s a portal where passengers who enter stay in a time loop or travel to another area in time or maybe that’s an area where aliens abduct ships, boats and planes and that’s to why there is no known evidence to be traced and this leads us to our next story…Aliens.


Number 2: Are there Aliens????

Aliens, the most common “are they” or “aren’t they”. This theory was believed to have been known for along time. People have been claiming to have seen aliens for a while, some even got footage of what was believed to be aliens or “flying ships.”


In 2016, a man who worked for NASA named Daniel Huot accidentally placed the camera wrong in the “live footage of space” and accidentally filmed a spaceship.

After the insistence NASA cut the footage and later stated it wasn’t an intentional cut it was an “accident”. Later Daniel was interviewed by CNET and stated “that the live feed was not deliberately cut. Huot said cameras mounted on the International Space Station are controlled automatically.” which makes you wonder was it really an accident or was it intentional.

Another old incident occurred 13th-century when Christopher Columbus said he and the crew saw spinning stars and floating lights. Although this may not be able to support that aliens exist, what can explain those lights and things him and the crew members saw that very night.

Go watch the video on Youtube about more alien discoveries