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With the Time Management article written by Treasure Byers, chapter 1 of the Student Handbook has been completed.

Now, it’s on to the good stuff: your social life. Chapter 2 will have ideas ranging from dates, girls night out, staycations and everything in between.

We decided to kick off the chapter with date ideas. You’re welcome people.

Listen, I get it. Date ideas are hard. You’d probably be content with going to the movies. Every single time.

Unfortunately, it’s not just about you. You’re not dating yourself (also unfortunate because you’re fabulous). Your significant other is probably sick of going to the movies, sitting in the dark and not speaking to you.

I’m assuming that the words “the struggle is real” are flashing through your head right now.

When you’re done struggling, you’ll probably want to keep reading because I’m about to save your relationship. Listed below are 20 non-boring date ideas that require communication (so the movies are out, my friends).

 Unknown-1 Ice Skating: You now have a perfectly good excuse to hold hands with “ The ice is slippery. Help me keep my balance.”  
 Unknown-10 The State Fair: So many things to do, so much food to eat.  
 Unknown-2 Lazer Tag: You can have fun and show your competitive side at the same time.  
 Unknown-7 Glendale Glitters: You get to cuddle up close as you walk around and look at pretty lights. Yay holiday season.
 Unknown-12 Hiking: The couple that’s fit together, stays together.
 Unknown-13 Sporting Events: Hockey, football, basketball: It doesn’t matter! Yay sports. ( Seriously hockey. Do it)
 images-1 Breakfast and Coffee: Who doesn’t love food and coffee?
 Unknown-3 Dinner: Truly a classic, and food is just the best.
 images-2 Zoo Lights: See #4
 Unknown-14 The Zoo: Cute animals, cute significant other. What more do you need?
 Unknown-15 Picnic: See #9
 Unknown-8 Concerts: Music alone is fabulous. Add your significant other to the mix and you’re winning at life.
 Unknown-5 Fear Farm: “ I’ll protect you” says one significant other to the other. You know how that goes ( huddling together).
 Unknown-6 The 13th Floor: See above.
 Unknown-4 Bowling: As Sarah Loya once said,If you like greasy food and stinky shoes, this is your time to shine”.
 Unknown-9 Brunch: See #9. Again. I’m sorry.
 Unknown-16 Thrift Shop * You can try on silly outfits and goof around. It’s a great way to showcase your humor to your significant other.
 Unknown-17 Record Store * This is an easy way to start a conversation. You can make fun of album covers, talk about the songs, or talk about your favorite artists.
 Unknown-18 The Bookstore * See above

Mini Golf ( and if you’re feeling really fancy Glow in the Dark mini golf in Scottsdale)