Gamers Anticipating Kingdom Hearts 3


David Menendez
OwlFeed Journalist

Kingdom Hearts has been anticipated for almost 15 years and people are more excited than ever

Kingdom Hearts is a single player action role playing game that is being developed by square enix. The main characters are Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku. This is the last installment of the long Kingdom Hearts series.

People are really excited for the release of this game on January 25, 2019. Some of the reasons are because their are new Disney characters coming to the game like Toy Story and Tangled. But after all these years Square Enix decided to make this game because they felt like it was the right time to finally do it.

Back in 2013 at E3 when Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 3 fans were a little disappointed because they thought it was announced too early. The game was in its very early development stages, it was almost like a teaser of the teaser it showed no gameplay only a 10 second cutscene.

Square Enix has stated that they are going to take their time with Kingdom hearts 3 because they want this game to be special for the fans who will play the game for the first time and for the fans who have been there since the beginning.

The game takes place between the world of Disney characters, I doubt that there will be a character that isn’t from the Disney universe. If you are wondering their is a small chance that Star Wars and some Marvel characters could be in Kingdom Hearts 3 because Disney owns both of those companies. But the chances of that happening is very slim because nothing has been confirmed or teased at all.

The whole premise of the game is to search for the seven guardians of light and search for the key of hearts. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the final chapter of the Dark Seeker and Xehanort saga. This has been the finale that fans have been waiting for since they were children.

This game has been delayed by Square Enix for a while now, in 2015 it was announced it was going to be released in 2017 then a year later it was announced it was going to come out in 2018. Now it is confirmed that it’s releasing in early 2019. Most fans aren’t anticipating another delay by Square Enix anytime soon since the game is coming out a month from now.