Let’s Go GNO… It’s a Girls Night Out

By: Sarah Loya

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It’s that time of the season where you grab your gal pals and have a girls night out! Now, I know how hard it is to come up with an idea that all of you would agree on (trust me I’ve been there). So, here’s a list of different outing and activities your group can go to.

 unnamed - Copy 1.     Movies – Go watch a good ol’ chick flick and cry your hearts out over the relationship you always wanted but don’t have because you’re alone.
 Shopping - Copy 2.     Go shopping – The “Ooo, girl! That looks so good on you!” phrase will come out too often that night, but it’ll be fun at the time. Just trust me.
 dinner - Copy 3.     Go on a dinner date – Oh, yes. Platonic love is in the air.
 unnamed (3) 4.     Go on a Starbucks date – Even more platonic love will be in the air that it will start to consume your life.
 unnamed (1) - Copy 5.     Go to an art museum – Who doesn’t love splashes of paint on a wall with your friends?
 unnamed (5) - Copy 6.     Get your nails done at the salon – Be that cliche group of girls who get their nails done and gossip about boys.
 Chuck_and_Gold_Coin 7.     Go to Chuck E. Cheese’s – Eating greasy pizza and playing games meant for 3-6 year-olds is always the best way to end the night.
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - July 01:  Three girls pass a game booth at the State Fair at the New Meadowlands Fairgrounds on July 01, 2011 in EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ.  The first Fair at the Meadowlands opened in 1986 as a 6-day event encompassing 10 acres offering a dozen rides and games. Today State Fair Meadowlands at Giants Stadium Fairgrounds is the largest in New Jersey and in the NY Metro area encompassing 35 acres, featuring over 150 rides and attractions plus over 75 food vendors from around the country.  (Photo by Michael Bocchieri/Bocchieri Archive) 8.     Go to the State Fair/Castles-N-Coasters – Since it is that time for the state fair to roll around the corner, then why not spend the night laughing on rides until your stomach cramps? Or you can do the same at Castles-N-Coasters too.
 unnamed (2) 9.     Go ice skating – Gliding on ice. Who doesn’t love that?
 unnamed - Copy 10.            Mini Golf – The ball won’t be the only thing you’re hitting that night. Let’s be real. You’ll be hitting your friends with your club if they make a better shot than you.

Listen, if for any reason you and your group get in trouble at the end of the night it wasn’t my fault.