Meet Marc Zavala

By: Jennifer Perez
OwlFeed Journalist

Marc is a freshman at Agua Fria and is graduating in the class of 2022. Like many others, Marc has a purpose and a goal for this semester. “My goal is to finish with all A’s,” Marc said. One of his strongest academic skills is math, which leads on to what he wants to be in the future and that is a mechanical engineer.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Perez

Marc puts a lot of effort in school, but still manages to find the time and play a sport. He has been playing football since he was only five years old, and hasn’t stopped ever since. He plays “quarterback and wide receiver.”

Playing a sport is one of the things that makes him happy and also being with friends. When Marc has free time he usually goes on his phone and listens to music or texts people.

Although he wasn’t expecting to join journalism because he was put into this class, he came to find out that he actually enjoyed it. He took the job of a Sports Reporter, so we will be expecting some good stories from him. He claims that writing isn’t his strongest skill, and therefore is not interested in joining journalism next year, but he is focused on other great things in the future.

Everyone loves food, and for Marc’s favorite food is tamales, which is a popular Hispanic food. I mean I’m sure many of us would agree that tamales are delicious.

Just like he has a favorite type of food he also has a favorite season or weather. Marc’s favorite type of season would have to be Fall. “I like how it’s not too cold or too hot,” he said. He believes it’s the perfect time of the year.

When I first met Marc I did not know much about him, so I asked him to describe himself in three words: “athletic, sensitive, and aggressive,” he responded. He has the characteristics of an awesome person to be around with.

When I asked if he had any pet peeves, his response was shocking to me. “I don’t have any pet peeves, nothing bothers me,” he said. I found his answer to be very interesting because usually people have at least one thing that triggers them. So, this is another reason why Marc would be a good friend.

I hope we can all welcome Marc Zavala into his first year here at Agua Fria. If you have the chance to, I suggest that you take the time and get to know him better in person. He’s a great guy and wouldn’t mind making new friends.