Black Panther Makes History at the Oscars

By: David Menendez-Velez
OwlFeed Journalist

When Black Panther came out it was thought to be just another Marvel movie release, but little did everyone know that it was going to change cinema history forever. Black Panther became the fourth Marvel movie to make 1 billion dollars at the box office. With all the success Black Panther had, to top it off the movie made history by being nominated Best Picture at the Oscars.


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This was a surprise to everyone, a comic book movie being nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars? Crazy to think about, but comic book movies weren’t getting the same amount of attention that they get today. Nobody cared about them in the late 90s to mid 2000s.


Most comic book movies never even get nominated at all at the Oscars no matter how good the movie is. They mostly get nominated for some below the line nod like special effects, sound design, sound editing, makeup, and occasionally production design, costume design, or original score. Basically if your movie isn’t a comic book movie, you have a good chance of getting a high nomination at the Oscars.

Black Panther also had an uplift in the community when they movie was being anticipated. “It was the first one that carried with it the hopes and dreams of a demographic who’ve never seen themselves on screen like this, rendered with all the care and resources usually summoned for movies starring paler protagonists,” Entertainment Weekly said. “They were responding to Coogler’s telling of the story of a young king in a fictional African nation that had never been colonized.”

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Black Panther was the best reviewed and most reviewed movie in 2018. People also thought that Black Panther could be the highest grossing movie of all time. “Lest we forget the importance of a TV audience, which may tune in more enthusiastically to see if a box-office behemoth like Avatar or Titanic takes home the ultimate prize over less-familiar flicks.”