´The Big Lebowski´ Super Bowl Ad Leaves Fans Wanting More

By: Jaeden Andrade
OwlFeed Media Editor

Cult movies have been captivating audiences since the beginning of cinema, many of which have premiered with low audience reception and grew into a cultural phenomenon. However, not many are bigger than “The Big Lebowski.”

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Photo Credit: moviecrush.show

“The Big Lebowski” has seemed to have grown larger than life and at this point has its own religion conveniently named Dudeism, which you can be ordained and become a dudeist priest today at dudeism.com. It also has festivals wear fans dress up as their favorite characters and drink White Russians just as The Dude would have wanted.

On January 24th, Jeff Bridges, who played the now iconic ´dude´ tweeted out a 15 second clip of him as the dude while his theme song, ¨The Man in Me¨ by Bob Dylan, was playing in the background. This sparked many people´s interest and excitement for a potential sequel to the Coen brothers film.

Then, on January 28th, Jeff Bridges tweeted another clip, but it was revealed that the original clip was just a snippet of a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois.

This was a bittersweet revelation for fans and resparked the argument whether the film is a masterpiece or not. Alan Zilberman from Indiewire says that it’s not a masterpiece, not even the best Coen brothers film, It’s just the most popular.

Alan claims ¨The Big Lebowski does not belong among the canon of the Coens’ best films¨ but as stated in his article fans will just quote the film and say ¨That just, like, your opinion, man.¨ This Super Bowl ad has also caused a little division in the fanbase also, whether or not the film should have a sequel.

I stand for a sequel and believe that it is the perfect time for The Dude to return.

One crucial point in the movie that we were not able to witness in the original was the bowling match against Jesus. After all of the smack talk between The Dude´s team against Jesus´, the end result of us not seeing the match seemed to be anticlimactic.

We, as fans, want to see The Dude interact with newer technology, for instance. How would he feel about vaping? How would he feel about modern music or the fact that the Eagles Greatest Hits album is the best selling album in the country since he has been known to proclaim his hatred for the classic rock band?

It seems like the possibilities for The Dude are endless. It’s to the point where fans would watch The Dude and Walter just hang out and bowl every week for 45 minutes if they could.