Meet Stephanie Perez

By: Jesse Laurita
OwlFeed Journalist

Meet Stephanie Perez, a brand new freshman at Agua Fria High School who is currently an opinion reporter for Agua Fria Journalism! When asked why she joined journalism all she said was “I just didn’t want Dance.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Perez

She loves to go home and binge-watch horror shows. One huge interest of Stephanie’s is watching and reading anime when she can. Her favorite genre also happens to be horror when it comes to anime.

Stephanie loves animals and currently has eight adorable dogs… That’s right you heard me correctly! Eight dogs!

Stephanie plans on going to college to get a degree in Psychology. She is also a very mysterious person, who tends to overreact to certain things. Stephanie is a dramatic and serious person, who is always on task and always gets things done.

Stephanie was born in Arizona and has lived here her whole entire life. Stephanie has a few brothers and sisters whom she takes care and plays with occasionally, being the oldest out of them. She also loves to have a fun time with her siblings, despite them being annoying.

Stephanie is a wonderful person who judges herself a little too much but does not seem to be bothered at all if someone else says something upsetting to her. In spite of that, she is a kind and caring person to others, despite what they say to her!

Stephanie is extremely passionate when it comes to makeup and tends to do it a lot when she gets home. She enjoys taking pictures and is great at it.

Stephanie is a strong writer who loves to express her feelings. She also loves music and will spend hours just listening to it in her room. She loves having fun and playing with her dogs and enjoys sitting with them. She is not in any sports but that does not stop her from being extremely active by taking her dogs on a long walk every day!

Stephanie is a really fun person to talk to and tries to make people feel better. She loves to give people a helping hand and will try to comfort anyone who needs it. Stephanie is a wonderful person filled with excitement and joy who loves to be kind and generous to everyone! If you happen to see Stephanie around Agua Fria, do not be afraid to say hello!