From Cards To Switch: The Gaming Table at Lunch

By: Jacob Anderson
OwlFeed Journalist

Agua Fria is a school with opportunity. Students have access to clubs, sports, and even in-school tutoring time. There is one thing, however, that had to be done without any help from administration.

Photo Credit: Jacob Anderson

During B lunch, a group of friendsmyself includedstarted playing games of Cards Against Humanity between late August/early September. Eventually the game switched to Super Fight, an argumentative game. As of March, the game of choice is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Now for a run over of the games played.

Cards Against Humanitythe one that started everythingis a game styled much like Apples-To-Apples, where there is a “card czar” that reads a fill in the blank card. Other players choose what they think is the funniest option from their cards, and the czar reads them aloud. The funniest response wins the round.

This continued until around Halloween, when one of my friends brought a game called Super Fight. In this game, players would get a random “Character Card”, as well as three random “Attribute Cards” (Ex: Character = Stan Lee, Attributes = can fly, has a cool hat, and turns water into lava), and then argue with one another on who would win in a fight to the death. The winning character then argues a different player, and the cycle continues until all players have argued.

We played Super Fight until Christmas break, and when we came back to school, a new game awaited us: Smash Bros. on the Switch.

Smash Ultimate is the newest game in the “Super Smash Bros.” series, a set of games where players would fight each other using classic Nintendo characters, such as Mario or Bowser.

We’ve played Smash until March, where after spring break the game will either be UNO, or Cards Against Humanity, depending on popular vote.

With this group of people, known by some staff as “The Gaming Group,” I’ve gotten to experience something unlike what the school already has to offer. I’ve built relationships with these people, and though we tend to pick on each other quite a bit, we have a lot of fun.

To leave off on a positive note, I give a message.

Try new things. Don’t let yourself become the social norm; do something that exceeds society’s standards. Most of all, make friends. Build bonds with people, so that you can have connections for what could be the rest of your life.