Skool Live Digital Kiosk

By: Nathalie Alejandro – OwlFeed

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You may be wondering why an awesome digital screen suddenly appeared on campus by the newly refurbished Old Gym.

The new screen is a Digital Kiosk made by Skool Live, a company that focuses on making schools a better place. On, the company emphasizes their goal of making schools throughout the nation a place students actually want to go to.

The functions of the Digital Kiosks are not only to promote ongoing events, but to assist in fundraising and show brand sponsorship’s.

Not only can sponsors of clubs or sports advertise themselves around campus by using their creative banners, but now they have the option of displaying their support for the Owls on a digital background.

The Skool Live digital kiosk is an amazing opportunity for Agua Fria to become even more modernized. Make sure you go check it out!