‘Once Upon a Time’

By: Matthew Willarch
OwlFeed Poet

Photo credit: Weisin

Once upon a time, will yours be mine

Will we learn to see beyond the vine?

Will the way we live be replaced with happiness once upon a time, once upon a time


All I’m hearing is

The new found evidence

Of everything that we found scary.


A heretic or a prophet

Does it have to be that way really


Do we take a side

For a homicide

Or do we stand our ground

And make noise because we’re afraid of the sound.


Once upon a time will we see inside

And find a world of more than black and white?

When I taste your lips

Will it be more than lust and spite, once upon a time


All I’m seeing is a malevolent

Force to push you towards me.

This can not persistent so we must resist

As we fear the word community.

You stay on top of it you tired hypocrite, and hope the world shines through.

So let me ask you this, what’s wrong with an opinion different than you?


Once upon a time will we compromise, will we be given more than our demise?

Will we truly live or just give in, once upon a time, once upon a time?