Spirit Week

By:Katrina Rodriguez-OwlFeed

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Agua Fria’s Student Council is proud to present our first Spirit Week of the year! This Spirit Week is to show off our Fall Sports teams with their “Game On” faces.


  • 8/31: Monday is sports day! Wear your favorite sports jersey/attire to school.
  • 9/1: Tuesday is Pac-Man Ghosts! Each class is going to represent a different ghost from the game Pac-Man. Freshmen are red ghosts, Sophomores are orange ghosts, Juniors are blue ghosts, and Seniors are pink ghosts.
  • 9/2: Wednesday is Mario and Luigi day! Grab a friend and dress up as your favorite duo.Ex. Peanut butter and jelly, Ketchup and Mustard, SpongeBob and Patrick, Tom and Gerry, Salt and Pepper, and Batman and Robin.
  • 9/3: Thursday is Operation! Break out your moms scrubs for the day or grab your crutches and braces for a fake injury.
  • 9/4: Friday is BLACK OUT! Show your school spirit while wearing all black from head to toe; shoes, socks, leggings, pants, shirts, headbands, and tutus.

Be creative Owls! Can’t wait to see your “Game On” attire. Let’s bring the hype for our Fall Sports!