Meet Ms. DeLuca

By: Alexia Austin-Lucero
OwlFeed Journalist

Do you guys want to know who the best teacher (in my opinion) is on this campus? Dana DeLuca in J14. Ms. DeLuca teaches drawing and painting 1 and 2, and she is honestly the most understanding teacher ever.


Photo Credit: Dana DeLuca

She has her dog that is her literal best friend that she loves so much named Ophie. She is from Sebastopol, California, born and raised there until she moved to Flagstaff, AZ, to attend NAU when she was 21.


She is a bright, amazing, outgoing teacher that is really nice, but once she gets irritated, you know. Ms. DeLuca loves her students so much and just wants good for us in life as an adult and in art.

“I want students to make artwork they are PROUD OF. I don’t want them to think ‘my artwork sucks’ or [this person’s] artwork is so much better than mine,’” DeLuca said. “I just want the students to create without hesitation and worry of it turning out ‘wrong’. There is no ‘wrong’ in art, there is no ‘good” in art.’”

“I definitely like to keep my classroom based around student exploration,” she said. If you walk into J14 the class is amazing. There is artwork everywhere: on the wall, on the cabinets and even on the door. Ms. DeLuca’s class is the most comfortable and cozy classroom because you feel like you can be yourself like you are never going to be judged because everyone feels free. You never feel out of place and she is someone you can talk to and you know you’re safe.

She will help you with any situation, she sits listens and might not agree, but gives you the best advice. Ms. DeLuca listens and is there for you.

Ms. DeLuca has such a great mind when it comes to lessons with her students. She finds the easy but most amazing artworks. She lets us go off on our own and I personally love that. Her teaching style is amazing. Honestly I feel like I understand everything she is teaching.

If I were you, I would take her class next year because it’s so amazing. She is so funny and loving. Next time you are wandering around campus at lunch, go in and explore her class and get to meet her. You won’t regret it!