Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’: Album Review

By: Robert Reilly
OwlFeed Journalist

The 26-year-old Jacques Berman Webster, also known as Travis Scott and La Flame, had a few other albums that are considered ‘good’. But last and this year, “Astroworld” has been top of the charts, and even number 1, according to Billboard 200 Chart.

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On September 4th, La Flame released his debut album, Rodeo, which was an instant hit in the rap world. Rodeo consists of 16 songs, which is very surprising for someone who is barely getting started in the rap career.

In late December of 2017, Scott collaborated with the rap group, Migos, and made the album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. I personally liked this album, although it was a bit repetitive. It got many reviews, most of them negative. Fans all around the globe say that the biggest flaw, was indeed, repetition. Also, many people saw it as “mediocre,” according to Genius. While it was not the worst album out there, lots of people just did not like it.

But this is when Scott went all-out, and started working in the studio, creating nearly a masterpiece.

First of all, Astroworld has 17 songs, that are mostly quite different than one another. Released on August 3rd, 2018, but recorded from 2016 to the release date, this album took awhile to create.  According to Isaac Vera, a student at Agua Fria, “Astroworld is very different than Rodeo, and I appreciated it very much.”

He then talks about how he went to one of Scott’s tours, in December of 2018. “I thought it was really cool because of the stuff that he played on the big screen, I guess the only way you could describe it was trippy,” Isaac said.It was like a Travis in the Future. It was very futuristic, they had 3D-Models everywhere. He literally had a theme park, representing his album, Astroworld. He was on a mechanical bird.”

He went on talking about the crazy effects Scott had during the rowdy show.

Scott had been working on recreating a theme park that was in Houston, Texas, when he was a kid. It’s called Astroworld. When asked if he is going to revive the theme park, Scott had said, “Of course, that’s the whole job.”

According to Billboard 200, Scott’s “Sicko Mode” is ranked at number 4, “Stargazing” is number 8, “Carousel” is at number 24, “Yosemite is at number 25, “R.I.P Screw” is at number 26, “Stop Trying to be God” is at number 27, “Wake Up” is at number 30, “No Bystanders is at number 31, “5% Tint” is at number 36, “Can’t Say” is at number 38, “NC-17” is at number 41, “WHO? WHAT!” is at number 43, “Skeletons” is at number 47, “Astrothunder” is at number 48, “Butterfly Effect” is at number 50 ( a re-entry), “Houstonfornication” is at number 53, and finally, “COFFEE BEAN” is at number 68.

Who knows when the next album will be, but we will know it has to be good.