Seattle Seahawks Franchise Sold to Jeff Bezos

By: Marc Zavala
OwlFeed Journalist

With the tragic loss of Paul Allen, there are many potential buyers of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. The Seahawks were entrusted to Allen’s sister Jody Allen (owner of the Portland Trail Blazers).

Photo Credit: Geekwire

Paul Allen bought the team for $194 million in 1997. Paul Allen did not only own the Seahawks but he owns the Portland Trail Blazers, which he entrusted to his sister, Jody Allen.

The team has been now been worth $2.94 billion since Paul Allen bought the franchise. The franchise has been on the market for 3 months.

There were eight potential buyers of the Seattle Seahawks, such as Steve Ballmer, Donald Trump, Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Drake, Mark Cuban, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, and The Warner Bros. organization. But, one of the more interested buyers was Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos originally helped Paul Allen to run the Seahawks. But now, will have to run the Seahawks by himself. Bezos bought the Seahawks from Jody Allen for $13 billion.

“That’s pocket change man, I hope it will prosper and put money back in my pocket.”  This isn’t that big of a buy for Bezos having a net worth of $112 billion.

After the purchase, Jody Allen said, “The idea of running all three teams of my brother is too stressful so, for Bezos to help by buying the Seahawks really helps. I hope he’s ready for the stress because he wouldn’t know the pain my brother went through to keep the team.”

Jody Allen wasn’t ready for all the pressure of owning all three teams, which is understandable, considering two of the teams are pretty big.

Jeff Bezos is to move into office in 8 months and cause some changes to the team late in the season. His first order of business, per NFL, “I want to make the stadium more exotic to have the Super Bowl hosted here. I want to have everything other stadiums don’t.”

The first thing Bezos wishes to do is to change the Seahawks stadium to be different and stand out across the NFL. He states things such as personal review tablets, umbrellas installed to the chairs, and catering.

“The second order of business to have the jersey colors altered, mainly have the helmet redesigned.” The Seahawks uniforms were last altered in 2012 and not even a decade later Bezos wishes to change the uniforms.

Bezos also has a game changer that could change the availability to national viewers. Bezos wishes to move the Seahawks to Canada, Mexico, or England.

The team should be seen with many different changes by the next NFL season. The Seahawks would most likely increase in value over the years under Bezos. The players are fired up to see these changes.

Russell Wilson tweeted “Ready to see these changes in our appearance, it would be fun to have a Super Bowl hosted here and hopefully we are playing it and relocated by then.” Wilson is excited to see the new uniforms and the new look of the stadium.

Hopefully, the Seahawks players focus more on football and not their appearance!

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