‘The Dirt’ Covers the Thrill-Seeking Career of Motley Crue

By: Jaeden Andrade
OwlFeed Journalist

Motley Crue may be known as a Sunset Strip-based hair metal band whose leader hated the term “hair metal” (even though they definitely were hair metal in every single sense of the term). A band who each member seemed to rise from the dirt as the band gained success.

motley cruwu
Photo Credit: Imdb.com

A band who made shockwaves on and off the stage with their lights and spinning drum sets, who lived as freely as they could, and slept with whoever they wanted. A band whose leader Nikki Sixx was pronounced legally dead from a drug overdose, only to be miraculously revived.

Those who know their stuff about the band know that they sort of had a knack for cheating death. They were as notorious as they were famous, with that being said, Netflix made a movie about them which was based on the story about them called “The Dirt.”

Honestly, at first I didn’t care about Motley Crue that much, I knew some random fun facts about them, but that was the extent of it. Before watching the film I was on my way home from New River, Arizona. (If you know where that is then you know that I had some time before I made it back to Goodyear). I was bored so I decided to listen to one of my favorite podcasts “Disgraceland” and I saw an episode that I haven’t listened to yet and clicked on it.

It told me about these wild guys with catchy names that apparently were bored enough to “break bottles over each other’s heads” and even tested to see who could eat the most shattered glass. So naturally, I was interested. After the podcast was over I still had time before I was home so I put some of their music on. I just pressed shuffle on one of their albums and I was hooked.

“Shout at the Devil” was blaring in my car while I was driving home and when I got there I looked them up and I found out that they recently got their own Netflix movie. So I started my PS4 and I dragged my mom into this experience because, why not? She was alive in the ‘80s so it seemed fitting I guess.

The movie was great. It was inspiring even though there was a lot of low points in their career but the highs seemed to equal them out. It seemed better than a lot of regular biopics about bands. Many tend to focus on one person like the recent Beach Boys movie and even Bohemian Rhapsody, but that one kinda makes sense since Freddie Mercury is kind of a big deal. This movie showed the highs and lows of all of their personal careers.

I will spoil this because the book has been out since the early 2000s and the movie has been out since mid-March. Also, these activities happened last century. It starts off with Tommy Lee, excited about seeing his idol Nikki Sixx in a local diner and they immediately join together to be in a band. Next, they hold auditions for a guitarist and once Mick Mars gets there he immediately outshines the hippie guitarist using a Jazzmaster for heavy rock music. To find their singer they go to a party and run into Tommy’s friend Vince and the band was formed.

This sequence may have seemed fast from me explaining it but it comes off as smooth in the movies and they take their time explaining and presenting the formation but it doesn’t drag. They show brief scenes of them performing at local spots and then soon they’re performing in huge venues all over the world. I won’t spoil too much because then there would be no reason to watch the movie.

In the movie, there was a number of near-death experiences and hardships which makes you feel connected but for some reason, through all of what they went through, they’re all alive.

This movie is truly a good movie that encompasses the hardcore nature of this now legendary band. “The Dirt” is available on Netflix and it’s definitely worth your time. I don’t usually rate things but it’s an 8/10 for me.