OPINION: We Need Power Hour at AFHS

By: Ayanna Warren
OwlFeed Journalist

Power Hour is something that most students might not know about, but it’s something that is needed.

Photo credit: Inverse.com

It is when lunch is combined and instead of 30 minute lunches, it’s an hour. The classes are available to anyone who needs help. For those who don’t need the extra help, they can hang out with their friends.

Sophomore Vy Phan from Millennium High School, a school that has Power Hour, was asked if it benefits her. “Yes, so much. I don’t have to stay after school to makeup stuff, I can just do it at lunch for however long I need to.”

If you’re like me, your friend group is split between A lunch and B lunch, which sucks. Shouldn’t students be able to relax with all of their friends after being in class working their hardest? Some students don’t get to go places after school so they may never see their friends and school is the only time. Sometimes, people just need to wind down and laugh with their friends which is why Power Hour is needed.

“We have more time to eat, and interact with out friends because we’re always in the classes learning so we need a break,” said freshman Jessica Mendes from Desert Edge High School, another Power Hour school.

Teachers are the ones who see their students struggle when trying their hardest, so having time during lunch focusing on help in classes could really help a student’s understanding on a topic whether it’s math, history, science, etc.

It can even be used for clubs who just want that extra time together. Some clubs are really passionate about what they’re representing and what they’re doing so they always wanna come together and discover new ways to get whatever they want out.

Some teenagers have work or a sport right after school so they have no time for tutoring. Having that extra time during lunch is such a convenience for them.

“Typical excuses are “I have to work after school,” “I have practice” and (my favorite) “I have better things to do.”   Imagine how many students would accept help if it was offered during the day and didn’t coincide with after school free time?” says theeducatorsroom.com. For those who have things to do after school, they can still have a way of helping their grade.

Students who need extra help for their grade aren’t the only ones who benefit. Teachers can spend more time with their students, admin can have a better look at students, students can handle business affairs, and more.

“We have seen many benefits to this flexible lunch program: Students have more time to participate in clubs and activities,” according to blog.naasp.org. “Students without after-school transportation can participate in more offerings, at-risk students have additional tutoring opportunities, campus-wide visibility is increased as administrators do not hold meetings, parent conferences, or other business during this time, [and] special education teachers can provide more IEP services.”

Now I understand that we EOT but not all of us have work to do. Our grades can be up to date, we have no homework or retakes to do, so we just sit there on our phones. Or we get sent into a random classroom which defeats the purpose. If we had power hour, we can choose what class we need help in or proritze the most.

Students are young and I understand that we have to learn new things for the future, but learning new things every day can be stressful for the mind. We could all use that time to loosen up.