Rating the Top Ten Draft Picks

By: Marc Zavala
OwlFeed Journalist

With the draft reaching an end, many people believe the picks were great, but others may disagree.

Photo credit: NFL.com

The first ten picks were made by the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The picks made are key to fix the teams problems for the upcoming season, but for the Cardinals their picks had to be towards the offense.

The decision to pick Kyler Murray, quarterback, with the first pick was greatly due to the lack of performance by Josh Rosen. Rosen was traded to the Dolphins later in the draft leaving the starting position to Kyler Murray, who seems to be ready for the NFL.

Kliff Kingsbury believed that since college Murray was supposed to leave the draft early because he is a “freak”. “I know he’s signed up to play baseball, but he’s a dominant football player. I would take him with the first pick.” Kingsbury stated via Twitter while coaching college.

Kliff is also Murray’s new head coach.

Kyler Murray can be compared to Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson because he is a scramble quarterback, he has a great arm and has the ability to run like a kick returner.

The second pick was Nick Bosa, defensive end, from Ohio State to the 49ers. This was also a great decision since Bosa is a weapon against the run offense. The offense’s like the Rams and the Seahawks, both in the same division as the 49ers.

Bosa will be dangerous against cracked o-lines especially with his ability to quickly move and think can really help him to be ranked amongst the best.

The Jets picked Quinnen Williams, defensive tackle, and Williams is a moderate draft pick due to lack of sacks through College. The Jets could use a man of that size in the middle of the field because he can stop the run up the middle forcing the running back to have no gain or go back for a loss.

The fourth pick was made by the Raiders and they picked Clelin Ferrell, defensive end. Ferrell was not seen to be drafted early as there were other D-linemen on the list that were predicted to leave early in the draft. Therefore, he was projected as a questionable pick.

Hopefully, Ferrell has the chance to prove to the NFL he deserved the top ten pick.

His new coach and general manager had him in sight even before the draft. “There were flashier players, players that other teams may have had higher on their boards,” Mayock said.  “On our board, it was he and (Nick) Bosa at that position. Right next to each other,” according to the Mercury News.

Mayock is the GM of the Raiders and it was down to Bosa or Ferrell and Bosa was gone by their pick so it was obvious for them.

The Buccaneers had the next pick and drafted Devin White, inside linebacker. White is going to be a replacement for Kwon Alexander as Alexander moved on to the 49ers. White has the potential to fill in, in Alexander’s absence. With the ability to fill for Alexander, White is a great pick for the Buccaneers.

The Giants struggled with the passing situation all of this season so, it’s obvious they need to draft a quarterback. Giants fans saw the Giants drafting Dwayne Haskins. But the Giants selected Daniel Jones, a quarterback. Daniel Jones is also a moderate pick due to his lack of mobility, but shares attributes with Eli Manning.

The Jaguars were up next and they selected Kentucky’s outside linebacker, Josh Allen. Allen is dangerous due to his big body frame standing at 6’5. With the loss of Dante Fowler, the Jaguars could try to shift Allen down to the line to cause pressure to the quarterback. Overall, great pick by the Jaguars.

The Lions selected T.J. Hockenson the tight end out of Iowa. A tight end isn’t really what fans imagined being picked due to the loss of their safety, Glover Quin. However, the tight end situation was crucial since Luke Wilson did not deliver last season. This would be another moderate pick.

With the ninth pick the 2019 NFL the Bills selected Ed Oliver, defensive tackle out of Houston. A defensive tackle with big potential was drafted to fill in the spot of retired Kyle Williams. Bills fans hope he plays to the standards set by Williams.

McDermott, the Bills head coach, stated, “The closer you got, the more you felt the quickness, the more you felt the power, the more you felt the juice; and really more than anything the competitive nature of this young man,” per source, Nyup.com. McDermott believes he is a very exciting player to watch and exactly what he wants in a D-linemen.

The final out of the top ten picks is Devin Bush, inside linebacker, drafted by the Steelers. Devin Bush is a great player and deserves this spot in the NFL because he recorded a total of 172 tackles in college with only three years of playing. Devin Bush should be key to run stop next year with the Steelers.   

With the draft over and the picks on there way to there new franchises location, all that we can do is wait till preseason begins to watch the potential of all draft picks.