Senior Goodbye: Your Voice Matters

By: Kyla Heller
OwlFeed Journalist

It can be easy to be convinced that there is something else that you need or want that wasn’t exactly in your original plan or image. People like to push their vision onto other people and make others conform to what it is they want or think will be best.

Picture credit: Kyla Heller

It is even easier to say ‘yes’ to those people and give into what they say or want from you. You may think the fight isn’t worth it and that you are taking the path of least resistance.

The truth is that, usually, while the fight can be long and challenging to maneuver, in the end the fight will be so worth it when you are able to say that you did exactly what you wanted and what you envisioned.

There are so many people and so many differing opinions that you will encounter in life but learn to take knowledge and listen to those people. While you do not have to follow what everyone else says, you can gain a better understanding of those people and why they say what they say rather than disagreeing and trying to mask what they say with your own opinion.

Keeping an open mind will lead to a lot of opportunities that will head your way so long as you are willing to look into them and you are flexible. Keep in mind that the plans that you originally had may need to change if you feel they need to, and that is okay. Having an end goal is the best thing you can use for inspiration, even if the road to get there is changing.

I am thankful that I have people in my life that support me in all that I do and understand why I do what I do. But I am also thankful for the people that doubt me and try to change my view because they expand my knowledge and give me inspiration to continue doing what I want, just better than they ever thought I could.

Overall, do what you feel is best for yourself and what will lead to a happier and healthier you in the long run. There will be people that support you and understand why you are doing what you are doing. There will also be people that want you to change and will try to say whatever they can to get you to change what you feel and believe, but if you disagree, respectfully accept the knowledge they have given you.

Then move on. Do what you want.