You’ll Never Walk Alone in Band

Nathalie Alejandro- OwlFeed

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If you ask any Owl in The Agua Fria Band of Owls what the term marching band means to them,  99.9 percent of the time they will answer: memories.

IMG_0831“I’ve learned a lot over the four years. It’s helped me learn self-discipline I could use in different situations,” said Kenya McCray, a fourth-year band student. McCray added: “My favorite thing about band is performing.” Kenya hopes to continue musical involvement in her life after high school.

For some, band is a safe haven.

Senior Jonathan Fischer has been in band for the past three years and wishes he would have done it his freshman year too. “I feel closer to friends around school,” Fischer said. “I did not have to really worry about trying to fit in.”

Fischer also acknowledges that music has changed his life. “It’s helped me go through some times during my life that were pretty crappy,” he said. “Overall, it’s helped me push myself to do better things.”

The real thrill about marching band is the performances. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in band would agree that performances are an adrenaline rush.

As a former Color Guard member, I personally loved the rush I got from performing. I remember my freshmen year band show the most, which was titled “Swing, Swing, Swing.”That year we made it all the way to super state, which is the top 10 marching bands in the state of Arizona. When we were announced to perform, the crowd wildly cheered and the people selling at concession stands stopped what they were doing just to watch us perform.

That year, we placed 5th! I would continue to be a part of it if not for my busy schedule this year. All the sweat, blood and IMG_0830tears put in throughout the practices are completely forgotten once the march onto the field has commenced.

A former Owl, Shelby Vanover, class of 2013, would agree. “It brought me back, made me want to stay in this and changed me as a performer,” Vanover said. She recalled her senior year show. “It was one of the shows that made me want to perform it everyday.” Due to her love of band, she now volunteers her time by directing the Color Guard.

Band has many traditions that have stuck throughout the years. After every performance the band and alumni get together to sing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” The feeling of pride is nestled in every member’s chest and bursts out when they repeatedly chant “WE FEEL GOOD, ALL OF US FEEL GOOD, HEY.”   

The person able to make it all run smoothly is none other than Mr. Vezey, the band director. To him, #BeAnOwl means “having pride in your community, in the school, and in everything that you do.” The Band of Owls has immense pride in what they do, shown through parades and performances around Arizona.

If you want to watch not only the Band of Owls but other bands from all over Arizona, make sure to attend Music Along the Estrellas, Agua Fria’s invitational, held here on October 20.