The Mueller Report: The Entire Story

By: Elijah Carson
OwlFeed Journalist

Since the announcement of Donald Trump becoming the new president, the Trump administration has been embroiled in constant controversy. The focus in America has seemingly been on what controversial thing that President Trump will do next.

Mueller Report
Photo Credit: FiveThirtyEight

Though a moment in the President’s career that most people remember and, is arguably the most controversial moment, was the idea that Russia had interfered in the 2016 U.S. election to help Trump become the newest president. That moment hasn’t left anyone’s mind in the past few years.

Well, it definitely hasn’t left Robert Mueller’s mind, the special counsel appointed by the FBI who has run an investigation on the Trump administration since 2017 in Trump’s beginning year as President. Known as the “Mueller Report,” it has since become a fascination in the public eye, where everyone turned to see if the rumors were true.

Though while being investigated, Trump was quick to dismiss the investigation and claimed it was “a huge waste of time.” Still, throughout the years, he claimed that these investigations will be America’s downfall because we’re not looking at anything else other than him. At his State of the Union Address for 2019, he had two paragraphs dedicated about this topic in his speech.

Two years and two months later, the Mueller report has finally been finished and is ready to be released to the public, or people thought so until it went under construction by Attorney General William P. Barr due to having “confidential information,” so they released a summary of the report to the public instead.

This quickly caused controversy as many people wanted to see the full report and many are still demanding for the full report to be released. Some claimed that Barr “failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry,” as The New York Times stated in one article. Many are even claiming that the true article will never be published.

Though as of on April 18th, the mostly full report (with some parts blacked out) was officially released to everyone’s excitement to officially know whether the rumours were true or not. When going over the full 400 pages of the report, it was officially confirmed that the Trump administration didn’t directly conspire with Russia to help win the 2016 election, there are clear ties, links, and connections between the two parties.

The Mueller Report provides some convincing evidence that president may have committed crimes, even impeachable crimes, such as abuses of power, where some cases include firing former FBI director James Comey for his own benefit and trying to get an investigation of his former presidential candidate opponent, Hillary Clinton, to get her out of the race.

Though the report does go on to explain more in detail, it remains in question, now that the report has finally been released, what will be the end result, or how will this affect President Trump’s term as the president. Well as of right now, those questions may remain as unanswered, I’m fairly certain that we will be getting either an answer or a response from President Trump soon.