Senior Goodbye: Growth Through Basketball

By: Taylyn Cervantez
OwlFeed Journalist

High school has forced me to grow up, change my perspective on many things, and focus on what’s important. Four years of high school was not easy, emotionally or mentally. My high school career consisted of going to three different schools.

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My first year of high school, freshman year, at Millennium was exciting, nerve-racking, scary and a big step. I had all my friends from middle school there. My first year of high school was successful, grades were good and I was figuring out who I was.

Sophomore year I started to find myself more, which was good and bad. I started to change and my attitude wasn’t the best, my grades were slipping and by the time I was ready to fix my mistakes, it was too late. Four months left of sophomore year and I had to make the transfer to Agua Fria. At the beginning, I was so hurt and scared. This wasn’t where I wanted to be but by the end of my first month at Agua Fria, I was getting comfortable, I made more friends than I already knew and I was starting to like it, but something was missing.

Basketball has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to succeed and move forward to play ball after high school so I begged my father to move me to Desert Edge my junior year. Junior year began and I was at Desert Edge, I was a little conflicted on if this was what I really wanted but I put so much effort into moving here so I had to try.

The school year began and it wasn’t what I wanted anymore but basketball was coming up and that was all I was looking forward to. Basketball started, I made varsity and everything was going great until they told me I had to sit out as a redshirt because how many times I have transferred. I was devastated, everything I came here for was taken away. I was hurt but I knew I couldn’t give it up. Coach Bhenke let me practice, go to every game, sit on the bench and participate in every team event. I was still apart of the team.

While I wasn’t able to play and help my team I realized some things. Basketball doesn’t have to be my life, there are other options to reach my goals and dreams and if I I want the best of both worlds I was going to have to work harder than ever. I decided I wanted friends but I also couldn’t let go of basketball, I decided to argue that moving to Agua Fria was the best for me and I was successful.

Senior year started and I was at Agua Fria with my friends, with a starting spot on varsity and I was feeling good about my decision. Senior year has been up and down but there has been so much growth in myself and I thank everything I’ve been through for that. Change was never my thing, but I am not scared anymore. Speaking for myself wasn’t easy, especially when it came to making decisions for myself and having to deal with the consequences.

High school is the four years I will never forget. The teachers and coaches that have impacted my life: Coach Bhenke, Mr. Day, Mr. Mcbee, and Mr. Boothman. I’ve had a lot of teachers throughout my high school career but they made and impacted and I’ll never forget them. They pushed me, believed in me and they did it in a way I that I understood and I have a lot of respect for them.

High school is a huge part as to why I am who I am and I will miss high school, the teachers, the coaches, the friends, the events, and basketball. I will miss this experience and I will never forget it. It is time to move on to bigger things and I am ready. Thank you, Agua Fria High School.