Senior Goodbye: High School Is What You Make It

By: Jaeden Andrade
OwlFeed Journalist

I’m going to be completely honest, I hated Agua Fria and I wish I transferred to Verrado before Junior year because I probably would have had a better time with the friends I have that go there.

Photo Credit: Jaeden Andrade

Well, you may ask “why did you come to Agua Fria then?” and the answer is that everyone else in the family did so it was expected of me to come to this school. The first two years of high school were pretty fun and I had a lot of good times, however Junior and Senior year were okay on a very good day. This is probably the most positive Senior goodbye I would be able to do while using the most important rule I learned in journalism: tell the truth.

My freshman year was probably my most fun, least stressful. I had really easy classes and some of my favorite teachers that I have ever had. My schedule was simple Theater, Honors Algebra, P.E., then English. It was super easy next semester it was still easy, Biology, English, Creative Writing, and then Honors Geometry.

Everything was great, I had some really fun times Freshman year. I used to be very involved in school, I was in like 3 different clubs and I went to as many games as possible and I loved it. I remember that I had tons of hobbies, I used to play video games religiously and even made YouTube videos which were definitely great.

Probably the best part of Freshman year was meeting Sarah, I love her so much and she deserves the world.

Sophomore year was when the spice kicked in a little bit and the reality that I was actually growing up was pretty hard to swallow. We had switched from the pretty easy 4 periods to 6 periods. I still wish that we had never done that. The classes were longer but I feel like I actually learned and wasn’t just cramming information in my head for inevitable tests which were either at the end of class or the beginning of class tomorrow. Homework started getting harder to maintain as my classes got harder and I wasn’t the best at chemistry so that was terrible. I’ve also never been great at math so that was also a struggle.

That year I also was the manager for the cross country team which was actually a very fun experience, but I don’t really talk to any of the people who were actual athletes in track. They all seem to positive which makes my moody presence stick out and it makes me feel insecure when people point out that I’m not happy so I avoid it at all costs.

Junior year was the beginning of the ride back down to earth for me, however, my head still stayed in the clouds and I had an enormous ego, which annoys me just thinking about it.

The beginning of junior year was really fun. I was on the golf team which actually made me pretty happy. Golf gave me an actual hobby and it was great. I went to the driving range literally all the time even if I had to use the last $10 that I had.

Junior year was the year that I wanted to start getting on top of everything. I actually put a good amount of effort into all of my classes, I got A’ in most of my classes, rarely Bs, which was great. It wasn’t really that stressful because most of my classes were very easy (side note: College Algebra was the easiest math class I have ever taken), There were only maybe 2 classes that I had to try in. One, I tried because I wanted the A, the other I tried because I wanted to do my best. Those classes were AP Lang and Tv/Film.

That year was when I was on the Golf team. I learned from first hand experience that Golf is actually a great stress reliever no matter how hot it is. Golf was my first real hobby in a long time. Every day I would scrounge up whatever money I had since I didn’t have a job at that point and go to the driving range if I didn’t have practice that day.

Other than that, Junior year seemed like a blur. I do remember of course the constant testing and practice of said testing.

Senior year was like I said, okay on a very good day. I didn’t join in any extracurriculars or sports, I tended to stick to myself which is the opposite of how Hollywood depicts a senior: outgoing, prepared, happy, and mostly someone with seniority. I lacked all of those traits, especially seniority. This year walked all over me and didn’t turn around to help me.

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Photo Credit: Jaeden Andrade

The great GPA that I had last year is a dream compared to mine this year. I’m not failing and I never will. My lowest grade is a C in which I am content with. That’s all I really need to pass I guess.

Over the years I’ve come to make many friends but the most important ones are the ones that I have right now. Thanks Jesus for always being there for me, Sarah for being my best friend for years, Isaac for all the advice you gave me, Karina for being understanding, and many more that I couldn’t even begin to name.

High school is what you make of it and I made it into what I wanted it to be.