10 Reasons To Go To Homecoming

By: Bianca Ibuado

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It’s homecoming season, and it’s time to start thinking about whether you want to go or not. Well here are 10 reasons why you should go.

  1. The first reason is of course FOOD TRUCKS. Who doesn’t like food, especially after all that dancing? And let’s be unnamed (1)real, 75% of the reason you go to homecoming is to eat. This is the first year that food trucks will be at homecoming. This year there will be tacos and snow cones!
  2. Another reason to go is to dance. Go dance with your date, your friends or unnamedjust go solo and show off your rad moves.
  3. It’s an excuse to dress up. If you like to dress up all fancy you can go buy a pretty dress or a nice dress shirt.
  4. A great reason to go to homecoming is because you have nothing better to do! If you find yourself bored on October 10th you should head on over to the homecoming dance.
  5. Another good reason to go is just for the experience. Whether you’re a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior you should go so that you’re able to look back and remember a fun night.
  6. Your significant other is basically requiring you to go.
  7. That super cute kid in your English class is waiting for you to ask (Also, Kassi Simmons needs a date. Slide into her DM’s on Twitter).
  8. You get to hang out with your friends without your parents asking 20 questions about your whereabouts and activities.unnamedUh, that’s a win.
  9. Last but not least, go because it’s fun! JUST KIDDING GO FOR THE FOOD TRUCKS.
  10. In case you haven’t figured out yet, GO FOR THE FOOD TRUCKS!

So remember kids, go to homecoming!