Meet Jared Diaz

By: Stephanie Perez
OwlFeed Journalist

Agua Fria’s class of 2022 is a hooty one and one of its students stands out even when he doesn’t want to. That owly student is Jared Diaz. 

Jared Diaz is one of our lifestyle journalists here at OwlFeed News. He joined our beloved team of writers when he decided it would be an interesting elective to try out considering his diverse love for pop culture and video games. 

Jared’s character is a self-described introvert but actually he can be just as outgoing as even the most spirited people. Yet he still loves to stay reserved to his little group of friends that he can be comfortable with.

Photo Credit: Jared Diaz

Surprisingly Jared’s actually into sports, more specifically martial arts. Jared has been doing Martial Arts for a pretty long time along with his dad’s help. Although, martial arts does bring a couple of bruises and hits. Jared has a pretty pain-filled story from his experience in Martial Arts. It all started when he was sparring with another member, 

“I was standing in the defensive position from my partner, and I had these two pads that protected me from the hits but he ended up push-kicking me near a metal fence post, and these things were pretty sharp so it obviously hurt and considering my size the pole reached my head,” he said. “Then once again my partner push-kicked me and this time I lost my balance in my disorientation and fell back onto the pole splitting the back of my head open.¨ 

It’s a story to really make an athlete cringe and shudder in their boots, but hey, that’s the way of the martial arts. I suppose the saying blood, sweat, and tears really does mean ACTUAL blood. 

Despite his love for martial arts, Jared has interests in other sports such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Jared really does have a lot of energy when it comes to sports.

Moving on from sports, Jared also retains a very interesting taste in music. No, it isn’t classical or pop or rock, nor does it even have words in it. It’s actually soundtracks, yes soundtracks. Soundtracks are the background music that plays in video games, movies, tv shows, etc. Jared’s favorite soundtrack is from Marvel’s Spiderman OST Soundtrack  “City of Hope.”

Jared Diaz is once again a standout Owl here at Agua Fria, and I’m glad I’ll get to read his fantastic stories and help him out as his editor!