The Chicken Sandwich Battle Review

By: Amira Bouhout
OwlFeed Journalist

Recently, there has been an outburst on social media over the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. The sandwich made its debut in early August of this year and there quickly appeared to be a craze over this sandwich as it started selling out at certain locations. 

So I decided to try it for myself and also taste chicken sandwiches from other companies including McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A to see who really has the best chicken sandwich. And also answer the question, is the Popeye’s chicken sandwich over-hyped? 

First I tried the McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich. First off, price-wise, it is the cheapest and most affordable as it just costs $1! 

Presentation-wise, it was the least presentable. The shredded lettuce was just kind of everywhere, it was very sloppy and so was the mayonnaise they put in it. The taste, however, was really good. It was spicy but just the right amount and it wasn’t too salty.  

The next sandwich I tasted for the first time ever, was the Chick-fil-A sandwich. This sandwich is more expensive. Just the sandwich itself costs $3.89 plus tax. So when you think about it, you can probably get a McDonald’s spicy chicken and small fries for the price of one chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A. 

The presentation was very nice and organized. When thinking about it, the presentation is most likely added to the cost of the entire sandwich, since they are giving you quality. 

The taste was very good it had a nice savory flavor and you could really taste the chicken and delicious peanut oil they use to cook it. The bun was really soft and nice, the chicken wasn’t so thick and crunchy but was just the right amount of both. 

The only critique is the excessive saltiness of it. The chicken itself tastes over-salted, but it was still really good. 

When I asked Wesley Davis, a junior here at Agua Fria what he had to say about the Chick-fil-A, he said, “Chick-fil-A has never let me down and always has a great classic sandwich…an honest 9/10 for me.”

Now finally, what we have been working towards; is the Popeye’s chicken sandwich really that good? Personally, I don’t think so.

Photo Credit: Time Magazine

The presentation was similar to the one at Chick-fil-A. The sandwich itself costs about $4, but as I stated before, I believe the packaging raises the price of the actual sandwich. 

As for the taste, the chicken was just mostly fat. I usually don’t eat pickles but, just to get the full taste I kept the pickles inside and they weren’t very good. 

Wesley Davis also tried the Popeyes chicken sandwich and said, “The first bite I took was nothing but fat… the sandwich got an honest 7/10.” 

Finally, my rankings from 1st to 3rd are; Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s, and finally McDonald’s. I would recommend you to try all the sandwiches because they were all good! Some just less than others. If you are willing to wait then the Popeye’s sandwich is a good option but if you want something quick then McDonald’s is great. 

If you want a good meal that won’t have you waiting as long as Popeye’s might and will also include more quality than McDonald’s, then Chick-fil-A is the right way to go. 

I’m glad I got to taste what everyone is talking about!