Meet Arthur DeSouza Alfaro

By: Raheemat Alade
OwlFeed Media Editor


Agua Fria’s own 16-year-old Musician and student Arthur DeSouza Alfaro is a junior and Lifestyle reporter at AFHS OwlFeed. 

He was born in sunny California and then moved to Arizona at the age of 8. His passion for music also rose at a young age. Surprisingly he wasn’t raised in music but did expose the music world to himself, by the age of 3, he was banging drums to any rhythm. Some of his favorite genres are psychedelic rock, dreamy pop music and jazz. 

Photo Credit: Neil Alfaro 

Arthur lives in Litchfield Park with his mom, but also has a half-sister on his dad’s side. 

He would describe his perfect day as going home and seeing the person he loves the most, getting kisses from his dog, sitting home finally relaxed and at peace even after a rough day at school. He says, “no day is a perfect day, there will always be a flaw.” 

Even though he said, “Music rules my life,” Arthur also involves himself with reading, film and cars. 

His favorite kind of shoes are boots and loves vintage fashion. He also likes the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” 

He is a big supporter of local food joints and just wants to “support local businesses”. 

He describes himself as a ghost around campus, just walking around like an “average Joe” trying to go through high school. He wouldn’t call himself a social guy but doesn’t mind being around people. 

Arthur is known as a musician around campus he likes to play all kinds of instruments but he favors his guitar the most. This summer, he played it for 2 hours without realizing his own fingers were tired. 

After high school, Arthur hopefully wants to study at the Berklee College of Music, where he wants to study jazz composition. He wants to study it because it mixes classical and composition. After, he wants to become a performing artist and make records. He wants to stick to being a small artist. 

He joined journalism to get his scattered thoughts on paper and is ready to tell people his views on lifestyle. He’s excited about this year’s OwlFeed.