OwlFeed Multimedia Journalist – Esli Soto Vega


Hola! My name is Esli Soto Vega and I am one of many seniors here at Agua Fria High School. Before further introducing myself, allow me to first establish why I am here.

Over the past three years I got pretty involved in school, but this being my last year, I want try something new: journalism. Journalism is intended to inform all students of Agua Fria’s success stories and celebrate them as well! Being that Agua Fria is filled with brilliant people just like YOU, I simply cannot wait to publicize how great it truly is to #BeAnOwl.

As for me, I am an Advanced Placement and honors student who is overly excited about graduation. I am also vice president of National Honors Society, looking forward to serving our community by working with other motivated students. I am part of the Link Crew family, so if you need any help, Wednesdays we wear pink. I am your student body historian, so smile big for my camera! I am on Varsity Badminton as well — yes, we put the BAD in Badminton. And lastly I am a DECA officer, however, this is my first year there so wish me luck!

Basically, I am in love with this school. In all honesty, I consider myself very fortunate to have grown as a student and as a person on this campus. There are so many incredible opportunities and an endless list of inspiring people here at Agua Fria High School. Again, I cannot wait to inform both to the community and of course the student body. I could not be prouder to #BeAnOwl.