Cell Phones Now Essential For Students in Classes

By: Arzoo Sultani
OwlFeed Journalist

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Today’s technology is the factor of the people who succeed in their life.

Technology can help students research subjects, share ideas and learn specific skills. One of the best technologies that people have is cell phones. Many people prefer cell phones than computers, whether it’s doing school or business work.

There are many students that believe using phones in class can help them to solve their problems and stay on top of their classwork. To be honest, cell phones are more helpful than computers because they provide quick messages, emails, videos, photos and access to the internet and listening to music. 

Cell phones can be used to connect with family members or friends, so they can call if there is an emergency. Cell phones give students access to tools, apps and other social media that help them complete their assignments. 

There are many schools that prevent using cell phones during classes, so students don’t distract themselves, so they are able to concentrate on studies. Using phones can be distracting, but it solves dozens of problems during the school days.

Photo Credit: Arzoo Sultani

“My cell phone is the direction of my life,” Sheela Sultani sophomore, said.

She is from Afghanistan that speaks Dari  and Sheela has been living in the U.S. for almost two years. At first, she couldn’t say hello in English, but now she receives good grades in her classes. She believes that her phone is the key to her success. She uses her phone as a calculator, receiving calls and translates words using Google Translate. 

I am also from Afghanistan and I don’t know much English, and also use my phone to Google the words I don’t understand. My phone helps me a lot to learn and complete my assignments.  

Students need their phones to be connected with families. Since I got my cell phone I have no problems in my classes.

“My phone is a significant part of my life,” Jesus Arredondo said. He is also a sophomore at Agua Fria.  

In the United States, there are many people from different nations that don’t know how to read or speak English. Phones are an essential tool that helps them with their assignments, projects and other school work. 

If students want to use their phones for schoolwork, then let them use it. They can use them to solve their own problems and learn new things.