OPINION: You Get What You Give

By: Nasreene Gant
OwlFeed Journalist


To all of the students that attend Agua Fria High School: the future is scary, but not having one is even scarier. Growing up is scary.

I’m going to be honest, one of the hardest things I’ve had to this week is to figure out how to form an idea or even a complete sentence to write this. 

I don’t know how to say that no matter what you think you’re going to get, you’re only going to get as much as you decide to give.

The truth of the world really is you get what you give. 

‘You get what you give’ is a commonly used phrase used to explain that your actions affect everyone and everything, especially your future. You have to think wisely about what you choose to say and do.

My mother always liked to tell me that “the energy (my aura or attitude) that you put out into the world is exactly what you’ll get back.”

If I want to be happy and successful, I have to be happy and think like I’ve already made it. 

As a sophomore, I had been told that not having a plan is acceptable at my age, that being unprepared in my year is okay because I am so young. I’ve found that it’s not. It makes me feel unprepared and unstable.

Photo Credit: Nasreene Gant


I find that having a goal for my life put me in the right position to know who I am. I’m young but I know exactly who I want to be and no one had to persuade me to be it. 

In return, I’m getting what I gave the world: a clear path to the future that I have found fits me. 

You also need to trust who you are. No one can tell you who you are but yourself, and you have all of high school to grasp a vague idea of who that is.

‘You get what you give’ also applies to yourself. The things that you say to or about yourself have a personal effect.

If you say negative things about yourself eventually you’ll become who or what you think you are. 

“An apple tree only produces apples.” What you think and say matters every second of every day. The plans or lack thereof is what is going to determine your future. 

Contrary to what you might believe I didn’t write this article to scare you. I wrote to inform you that while high school is fun, you have to reassure your future for yourself. The only person you’ll be hurting by not knowing what you want is yourself.

Your future is important so hold on to it.

“If you do what you love people will see that and they’ll be passionate about what you believe in as well,” Ms. Eissner, a marketing teacher at Agua Fria High School said.

As a student, it’s your job to think about your future and take it seriously. At the end of the day what you put out into the world is what you get back, so work hard and play smart.