A Timeline: What is Area 51 Anyway?

By Bernadette Negron-Taylor
OwlFeed Journalist

The Area 51 raid… How did this come to be? The people want to know what is behind closed doors. Or does everyone just want their own alien?              

What is Area 51 really? Area 51 is known as a highly classified, mysterious Air Force base in Nevada.         

The name Area 51 is unknown as to why it is called that, but many have said that because the base was made in 1951 is the reason it is called “Area 51.”       

The raid on Area 51 started off as a joke on June 27th, on Facebook, that went really far, when it started going viral on social media. 

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Photo credit: nst.com.my

It was a great eye-opener for the government, where the movement concerned the Air Force. They even went as far as warning the poster of the joke.

“The Air Force spokeswoman said the military was aware of the Facebook activity and warned that ‘any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous,’” said an Air Force spokeswoman interviewed by the New York Times.

 The fact that some of the many people that said they will be storming Area 51 is scary because of the amount of guards the base has.

“The active base has high security 24 hours a day. This means if a person — or, say, 1 million — wanted to storm the base in an attempt to see aliens, it would be incredibly dangerous,” said an Insider reporter. 

The rumor of aliens being in Area 51 has been denied many times by the government. They claim it is just a theory that it is very unsure if they are any other life out there. It makes people very skeptical as to what it really is going on.

“The secrecy has led to a great deal of public speculation and, in turn, conspiracy theories — especially those relating to aliens and space,” according to Insider.

In the 50s the base used to test high-flying U-2 plans. At first, the main purpose of Area 51 was to test flights for vessels. “The base was used to build prototypes and run test flights for the vessels, which could reach higher altitudes than standard crafts of the time, as declassified documents would later reveal,” according to the New York Times.

The claim of having seen UFOs is big, even in the past. Many people who make these claims are considered crazy.

In an interview with reporter George Knapp from the time, a person described working on propulsion systems for “nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin,’” according to Insider.

There are many ideas people have about Area 51, but it really isn’t known by many because the government makes it secretive.